The Crooked Billet

Wabi-Sabi Mish-Mash

We can offer any theme or style of event, food and service – from the extremely formal black tie dining to relaxed informal leisurely receptions. Whilst the majority of our events are very elegant, precise and slick, we also enjoy a reputation for being brilliant at mish-mash.

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Crockery, cutlery and glassware that doesn’t match; table sizes, shape and styles that differ; gastro pub dining chairs (unless you love those guilt banqueting chairs!). Imaginative food served imaginatively on boards, bowls, Kilner jars and antique terracotta. Attractive waiting staff in semi-casual uniforms – perhaps it’s just their blue and white striped apron that identifies them. Gingham instead of linen, jars of country flowers, firkin of “Dr. Hector’s Wedding Ale”, pork pie and piccalilli. Wabi-sabi mish-mash.

But…we’re very good at formal!