The Crooked Billet

Royal Chocolate Refrigerator Cake

Royal Chocolate Refrigerator Cake

Aunty Lesley put mint Viscount biscuits in her chocolate refrigerator cake. Green foil wrappers. Delicious, no good for picnics, 2 hours in the back of an Alegro left you with a Tupperware of goo.

Prince William insisted on McVities rich tea biscuits in his unconventional choice of chocolate fridge wedding cake.

We’ve included William & Kate’s crowd pleasing cake as part of a dainty trio of chocolate desserts on the Crooked Billets pud’ menu – miniature chocolate mousse & white chocolate sorbet being the accompaniments. The addition of Space Dust gives my Royal refrigerator revelation a surprising twist. Space Dust or Popping Candy available from sweet shops & some supermarkets.

300g packet of Rich Tea biscuits

170g golden syrup

400g dark chocolate

85g butter

120g raisins, soaked overnight in 4 tbsp dark rum

100g popping candy

Smash the biscuits up in a plastic bag into 1cm pebbles. Put the syrup, chocolate & butter in a saucepan, melt together. Fold in the raisins & smashed rich tea biscuits.

Line a 25 x 20cm shallow cake tin with clingfilm. Spoon half the chocolate & biscuit mixture into the tin. Evenly sprinkle the popping candy, then spread the remaining chocolate & biscuit mixture. Smooth over & press down well. Refrigerate until set.

Slice & serve. Or for a really Royal touch, using 3 diminishing sized round round cutters, stack yourself a miniature tiered wedding cake, perhaps crowned with a little gold leaf. Try Waitrose online for the bling.