The Crooked Billet

Lobster Luncheon

Lobster lovers,

I’m delighted to announce this ever popular promotion returns 1st August until the end of September. A daily changing menu offering a selection of lobster dishes available Monday – Friday. It’s a good idea to book – our British day boat lobsters are quite popular!

Lobofact – they put rubber bands on lobsters claws in the tank otherwise they eat each other – unless they fancy one another, in which case they mate, then the female eats the male. A lobster tank is called a vivarium.

America’s leading speed-eater consumed 38 lobsters in 12 minutes winning the World Lobster Eating Contest. Sonya Thomas ate 9lb 12oz of lobster in Kennebunk, Maine. “I have a natural ability” said Miss Thomas, who weighs seven & a half stone “I could eat more, but something else – not a lobster”.