The Crooked Billet


Wednesday, 21st of November 2018

An Astonishing Rising Star

Quite a few of the Crooked Billet team have gone on to work in the entertainment industry: along with their colleagues from our sister restaurant London Street Brasserie in Reading. Kerrie became…(Full Details)

Full regular menu. £10 music cover charge.

Thursday 22nd November

Enjoy a selection of American Thanks Giving specials, lunch & dinner, along with our full regular menus.

Amazing to think the Crooked Billet is older than America. Built in 1632, a small holding. Started selling beer in 1760, Richard Gill being the first publican.

Early 1600’s immigrants & pilgrims started to settle in colonies around Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts and begun what we term America of today.

Back in 1632 when they were plastering wattle & daub on the Crooked Billet walls we’d not yet seen turkey in Britain – yet to arrive from the Americas. Geese, swan, Herron & peacock being the celebration bird of choice.
Thursday 22nd November, celebrating American Thanks Giving turkeys on the menu. Maple glazed local free range privately educated bronze turkey from Tom & Brenda Copa’s Cookham farm along with all those glorious Yankee Doodle accompaniments. Our full regular menu is offered Thanks Giving turkey as a main course special, some American starter specials including Clam Chowder, Pastrami, pickled cucumber & lentils, New England lobster chop salad. Dessert specials including Pecan Pie, New York cheesecake and brown sugar cinnamon crusted pumpkin pie.

Robert Foley Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon & Alexander Valley bread & butter chardonnay at only £28 you have some delicious to chink glasses & toast with.
Crooked Billet favourite blues musicians Papa George & Micky Moody have put together a fantastic bluesy play list for a little background 12 bar Thanks Givin’ Blues.

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