The Crooked Billet

Mick Wilson

Tuesday, 28th of February 2017

From 10CC. Playing all the Hits.

Mick's love for music started when his parents bought him a guitar for Christmas in 1969 and, far from being the 5-minute wonder that was anticipated, it started a life-long…(Full Details)

Full regular menu. £17.50 music cover charge.

Crooked Billet Famous £12 Two Course Luncheon



IT'S BACK! Our ever popular £12 two course Luncheon offered Monday – Friday from 5th January until the end of February. Fantastic old fashioned British food. The likes of kedgeree, herring roes, scrumpits, slip sole & capers, cod & cockles, hake & bacon, braised pheasant, rabbit stew & dumplings, salt beef, toad in the hole, Lancashire hot pot, fish pie, sherry trifle, marmalade pudding, Yorkshire curd tart & apple pie & custard.

Fantastic British Food

Cookery Demonstrations